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freedit 2023-02-08

Thanks for your feedback.

  • dark theme: I’ll try but I can not promise anything at this moment.
  • editor: I don’t think it’s possible without JS

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freedit 2023-02-07

What kind of search you want? Is it acceptable to have a search bar to google?

If not, it may cost sometime to dig into.

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freedit 2023-02-07

It’s so inspiring for me to hear your words. I want to know what is the best part you like and what is you don’t. Thank you!

freedit 2023-01-06

Great news!

Anna’s Archive is online!

πŸ” Search engine of shadow libraries: books, papers, comics, magazines. ⭐️ Z-Library, Library Genesis, Sci-Hub. βš™οΈ Fully resilient through open source code and data. ❀️ Spread the word: everyone is welcome here!

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freedit 2022-10-11

Just a bookmark πŸ˜‚, one of my friends recommended that blog to me. It seems that makes some confusing, just deleted under this account.