gloriousService 2023-05-08

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temp123rola 2023-04-26

thanks. I like this project A LOT: simple, functional, no JS-bullshit, and Rust <3 I want to use it on a project of mine, but I see that right now there is no way to search posts, which would be very important for me. I saw an open issue about it in github and want to know if anybody is already doing that, maybe I could give it a try if not

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freedit 2023-02-08

Thanks for your feedback.

  • dark theme: I’ll try but I can not promise anything at this moment.
  • editor: I don’t think it’s possible without JS

TestoStemROM 2023-02-07

@freedit I am very glad that you do not touch confidential data during registration. Please leave it as it is.

  • The changes I would like to see in the user interface is a choice between a dark and a light theme.
  • Message editor, for example, Remark42. But in fact, this is secondary. I hope it is possible to implement this without the involvement of JS.

The technical part is of paramount importance The user interface is secondary

TestoStemROM 2023-02-07

@freedit The main thing is to adhere to the principle of non-JS. You need to pay attention to the FOSS tools. I do not recommend you to turn to Google and similar proprietary products. I think you have chosen the right direction. Now the most important thing is not to lose your way. I have great faith in you and your project. I had a bad experience with Flarum. With each new update, JS became more and more, as well as the number of proprietary elements. My clients were very unhappy with this. I was forced to temporarily evacuate them to the Matrix so as not to lose them all. Now that I have found you, I have faith again that we will continue to actively develop the free community, as before.

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freedit 2023-02-07

What kind of search you want? Is it acceptable to have a search bar to google?

If not, it may cost sometime to dig into.

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freedit 2023-02-07

It’s so inspiring for me to hear your words. I want to know what is the best part you like and what is you don’t. Thank you!

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TestoStemROM 2023-02-07

Thank you very much for the work done. I’ve been looking for something like this for a very long time. The last couple of years I have already despaired with the search, but I met your project quite by chance. There is no limit to my joy. Finally, I can fulfill my long-held dream. As soon as my financial condition stabilizes, I will definitely send you a donation.

freedit 2023-01-06

Great news!

Anna’s Archive is online!

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