Unwanted redirection to https

⚓ Dev    📅 2023-03-28    👤 root    👁️ 145      


Hi, an other bug or something I don’t understand…

On a hidden service (Tor) I have a lot of redirections to https, especially with “Solo” (why?) and sometimes with avatars or pictures. I can’t use Solo at all because of that. The other things work pretty well.

The config is simple, freedit and tor share the same local address and port. I also tried with Nginx reverse proxy with url rewrite, still the redirections to https. Used locally (without the hidden service), no problem. I tried silly things, like to remove tls from axum and almost everywhere, write the onion address directly in main.rss (because of .parse().unwrap() it’s impossible to write the url in config.toml) I know, silly things. I don’t know Rust and my mind is full of crap, I’m not sure if I can learn.

Do you have an idea ?

🏷️ https 🏷️ redirection
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freedit    2023-03-29 👍 👎

That’s weird. Do you enable https?


root    2023-03-29 👍 👎 [op]

That’s weird. Do you enable https?

Of course no!

I didn’t want to share the url because it’s only a private test, but, why not? I have to warn you, it’s for a french community with some trolls and crazy people… No porn.

If I really deploy your forum, I’ll change the default role as Standard and allow image upload for Senior and more. I think it’s way too early to use it as 100 % freedom of speech forum on the deep web. There’s some very crazy and very toxic people who are able do to a lot of damage with spamming.



freedit    2023-03-29 👍 1 👎

@root , I accidentally add upgrade-insecure-requests; in solo scp. Just release a new version to fix this problem. https://github.com/freedit-org/freedit/releases/tag/v0.3.6


root    2023-03-29 👍 👎 [op]

Thank you very much. Thank you! Thank you!

Everything’s fine now.


root    2023-04-03 👍 👎 [op]

The onion site is down. It’s too early to deploy freedit on the deep web, where is a lot of people excited to be anonymous with the same IP and same UA. They can do a lot of spam.

I don’t know anything in Rust, I can’t help you. I can give you ideas.

– easily adding, removing custom roles with custom rights (post, reply, edit, solo, feed, upload, etc.)

– massively deleting messages and users (after a spam attack…)

– captcha to post and to upload files

– translations on a single file, or on couple of files, or text strings at the beginning of the templates for easy translating

– full support of Markdown in replies (don’t eat new lines or formatting…)

The only little thing I can do is if you have a Monero wallet…