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Report about freedit, the good and the bad.

Freedit is particularly efficient, it allows everyone to be free by using it, the code is well coded even if I don’t know anything about Rust, I saw an MVC structure that I like.

Templates are easy to modify, which is a plus.

Weak points NOT to be overlooked:

  • Some problems with uploading the inn icon mean that the image is not blocked and can leave its location.
  • The inability of admins to delete inns, posts and solos means that this site can become easy prey for scammers, spammers and the like. This is currently its main problem!!
  • The admin tools are too light, you can’t delete images uploaded by users, and if your images cause problems (porn images?) you can’t delete them.
  • RSS feeds don’t give access to the article link, but only to, which is useless because the page isn’t on the site instance, but on the remote site.
  • A modification of the site datetime according to locations should be allowed in the site admin parameters, and adding the time to the datetime could be a good idea.
  • A default image for a community created without an image should be mandatory…

Its strong points are :

  • MVC structure.
  • Visual quality: the UI/UX is pleasant to use.
  • Security features like captcha, with a cool choice of difficulty.
  • The latest forum systems such as frameworks and markdown, which could be a strong point in terms of community sites.
  • Anonymity and privacy, such as the non-use of an e-mail system, making it perfect for use on the Tor network.

Despite that, I believe that Freedit can really be useful for the whole world, there is a lot of hope from the author and us, I hope that he will not lose his basic idea but for that, the previously mentioned problems must be adjusted so that it moves forward.

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freedit    2024-01-07 👍 1 👎

Thanks! Very helpful feedback.

I’m working on another project. I’ll look this a few of days later.


Sacaro    2024-01-10 👍 👎 [op]

@freedit I’ve seen the update on the github, I’ll wait for the one to remove the inns before relaunching the website.