Will Feed requesting RSS expose the real IP address of the server?

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Use https://freedit.eu/feed/add, Set the rss address to your own address, Then observe the HTTP request log.

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So you need add a proxy for your request. I suggest you use Cloudflare Warp for that if you arleady have a site behind Cloudflare.

You can get a free socks5 proxy from Cloudflare Warp

  1. install warp sudo apt install cloudflare-warp or sudo yum install cloudflare-warp
  2. register warp warp-cli register
  3. set proxy mode warp-cli set-mode proxy
  4. start warp warp-cli connect
  5. get proxy address warp-cli settings, you will get something like Mode: WarpProxy on port 40000
  6. set proxy address in config.toml proxy = 'socks5://'

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You can also use Tor as a socks5 proxy.

  1. install Arti git clone --depth=1 https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/arti.git && cd arti && cargo build --release
  2. start Arti target/release/arti -o address_filter.allow_onion_addrs=true proxy
  3. set proxy address in config.toml proxy = ‘socks5://’